Yankees/Sox Live Blog

6:48- We’re about 20 minutes or so away from first pitch.  I was afraid I wasn’t going to be here to do the live blog.  I have about a 20-30 minute ride home from work.  I left at 5pm.  At about 5:30, I had driven about 2 miles.  Nasty accident on one of the thoroughfares.  Then I get home and i see the wife and my in-laws outside working on digging up the front lawn to plant trees and shrubs (we moved into our first home a few months ago).  I thought I was going to get ****** into working, but they didn’t ask and I didn’t offer.  Let’s hope they don’t come a-knockin’.  Don’t they know what’s going on?

6:51- Bobby Murcer just said someone needs to make Ortiz eat some dirt.  Way to go Murce.

6:53- Melky Cabrera is in the nine hole.  He was hitting .385 with an OPS of .995 in 31 games with C-Bus.  Let’s hope this time he’s ready for "the show."

7:02- The wife just asked me for help.  She needed me to wind up the hose.  She’s lucky it was an easy job and only took a second.  They’re done with the lawn for today.  Phew. 5 minutes ’til 1st pitch!!!! 

7:08- First pitch is on its way.  If you’re interested in the Red Sox live blog of tonight’s game, click here and check out the Red Sox Chick’s live blog.

7:09- I’ve turned off the spell check, so expect a lot of type-os

7:10- Here we go.  Kevin "The Ogre" Youklis is up.  Steeeerike 1.

7:12- I said it before Youklis is one ugly dude.  Looks like a cross between Shrek and Sloth from the Goonies.  "Youk love Baby Roof."  Johnson walked him.  Good way to start Randy.

7:14- Gotta love the DP!  Ortiz is up.  I’m expecting that Johnson will plunk him.  We all know that the Red Sox don’t throw at .260 hitters.  Will the Yankees throw at a .256 hitter?  Not yet, maybe later.  Another walk.

7:17- ManRam grounded out and we’re through the top of the first.  Phew.  Ortiz and Manny are the best 3-4 in the game.  Whenever you can get by them without giving up a run, you did okay.

7:21- Holy Cow!  Josh Towers got through the first inning without giving up a run!

7:22- Der-ek Je-ter.  Clap clap clap clap clap.

7:24- My wife wants me to clean up all the dirt she tracked in.   It’ll have to wait.  God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt.

7:25- Man the Yankees are battling.  Get that pitch count up!  Grounder up the middle, base hit Jeter.

7:28- Josh Towers watch: 2 IPs and no runs.

7:29- There it goes!  It is high, it is far, it is gone!  A 2-run homer.  The Giambino.  Into the lower seats in right.  Yankees 2 Red Sox 0 

7:32- The wife left to go visit her friend who just had a baby.  Even when she’s not here I get asked to do stuff.  She called and wants me to DVR Entertainment Tonight and the Gilmore Girls.  Oh that Lorelai, what would we do without you?

7:33- I always laugh when I hear the crowd get excited when it’s hit and it ends up being a routine fly out.  Rosie O’Donnell is on ET.  My only question is why?

7:36- Beckett threw 30 pitches.  That doesn’t have the makings of a long outing.  Get Rudy Seanez warming up!

7:38- That was quick.  7 pitches.  Nice.  A quick inning is just what the doctor ordered.  Beckett throws a lot of pitches and the Yanks get him right back out there.  This is setting up rather nicely.

7:40- The YES Network just showed Bucky Dent’s HR in a WB Mason classic clip.  What a way to battle back from 14 games out.  I love that highlight.

7:43- I guess white men can jump.  Lowell with the crazy hops.  I just picked him up in my fantasy league this morning.  Can you believe he was available?

7:45– Beckett bounces back and looked a lot sharper.  Way to swing Bernie.

7:46- Josh Towers watch: 3 IPs and no runs.  His ERA is now a respectable 9.51.

7:48- Here comes the hot hitting Alex Gonzalez……

7:51- Way to walk the 9-hitter.  That happens way more often than it should.  Here comes "The Ogre."

7:54- Johnson is having control issues.  0 walks in his first 20 IP, 12 in his next 25

7:55- Randy, Godzilla saved your hide.  Nice catch.  But if that got by him…

7:56- I hear the "Boston *****" chant.  Stupid fans.  2 outs and up steps the big man…

7:58- The Yankees fans are riled up.  They want the K!!!!

7:59- E-5.  Yankees 2 Red Sox 1

7:59- What the?  Yankees 2 Red Sox 2

8:00- Josh Towers watch: 4 IPs and 3 earned runs (2 longballs)  The ERA is back over 10.

8:01- This is what happens when you walk the nine hitter.  Who knew Ortiz had such wheels?  Red Sox 3 Yankees 2

8:04- Another walk.  This game looks like it might be decided by the bullpens.  Johnson is off his game, again.  Cashman, get on the phone and get us Zito!!

8:05- 3-0 to Lowell.  I wonder if Randy will blame Jorge after the game?

8:07- A 39 pitch inning. Yikes.  Not good Randy.  Not Good.

8:08- Josh Towers watch: he’s out of the game.  4 IPs w/ 3 ER.  ERA = 10.09  That’s bad.  That’s really, really bad.

8:10- Melky’s back!  Yay. 

8:11- Melky’s back on the bench.

8:15- Gotta give props to Mike Lowell for that one.  Nice play. 

8:16- Just my luck.  The Gilmore Girls are on a commercial break.  I need my Gilmores!

8:18– Have a seat Wily!  Aflac trivia ?: Who are the 6 active MVPs in the Yankees/Red Sox series?  I think that was it.  Maybe it was World Series MVPs.

8:21- Another walk.  Yikes.  (Answers: Beckett, Johnson, Schilling, thinking…)

8:22- You know you’re having a bad day when you continuously let the 8-9 hitters reach base.  Here comes "The Ogre."  (Answers: Rivera…..)

8:24– There goes "The Ogre."  Back to the swamp for you. (Answers: ManRam…..)

8:26- This has the potential to get real ugly real quick if Loretta gets on.

8:27- Big Papi better be Johnson’s last batter.  Nice call swinging on 3-0.  Red Sox 5 Yankees 2

8:29- Pitching change (more time to think of the last answer to the trivia ?).  And the boo birds are singing Johnson’s praises.  Not his best outing.  A big batter is coming up, form of ManRam.

8:31– GO AWAY ARIELLE!!  You’re bad luck.

8:32- Just kidding, you can stay.

8:35- Man this is a long AB.

8:38- All I can do is laugh.  It’s just Melky being Melky.  Red Sox 7 Yankees 2

8:39- I’m guessing it’s windy out.  Nice pitch to Tek, and finally we’re out of the inning.  I’m stumped on the final answer to the trivia question.  I’m going to guess that it was Bernie Williams.  So my answer is: Bernie, Rivera, Schilling, Johnson, Beckett, and Manny

8:42- I was so close on my answer to the trivia question.  I had 5 of 6.  Jeter was the 6th, not Bernie.

8:46- A 1-2-3 inning.  I can’t believe I’m missing "The Gilmore Girls" for this.  11 in a-row retired by Beckett.

8:49- Another E-5.  This game is like Kevin Youklis.  No matter how you look at it, it’s just plain ugly.

8:52- Clean you helmet Nixon!  To his credit, it looks a little cleaner than usual.

8:56- I’m starving but there’s nothing to eat in this place.  Nothing that can be made easily that is.  I’m snacking on Vanilla Wafers.

8:57- Alex Gonzalez took Small deep.  It was Bondsesque.  He’s on the juice.  It’s obvious.  Red Sox 10 Yankees 2

9:00- I just turned to the last few seconds of "The Gilmore Girls" and all I can say is "Woah."

9:01- Ortiz is the victim of the shift.  Let’s get some of those runs back!!!

9:05- Live blogging is a lot of work.  2 hours into the game and we’re at the halfway mark.  Cano doubles!  Let’s keep the line moving.

9:08- Bernie stuck out again.  I’m not surprised.  He and Posada are good at doing that.

9:09- Melky gets redemption!!  Mel-ky!  Clap clap.  Mel-ky.  Red Sox 10 Yankees 3

9:13- Ugh.  Small is no Superman.  Manny goes yard.  Red Sox 11 Yankees 3

9:15- I hope I have Mike Lowell in my fantasy lineup today.

9:17- I do.  At least something good is coming out of this game.

9:20- Manny is out of the game.   Now we’re set.  Who am I kidding?

9:23- Jeter with his trademark lean.  Swing the bat!

9:26- A-Rod continues to be awesome.  Another GIDP.  He’s having a great night.

9:29- They did it!  They did it!  They finally retired Alex Gonzalez.

9:30- My wife just made us dinner.  White rice and vegetables.  Prisoners eat better than I do.

9:36- Villone gets Ortiz to whiff.  I love it when they call me "Big Papi."  Wave your hands in the air, if you just struck out.  7th inning strewth.  I could use it.

9:39- Posada got a hit.  Hip hip Jorge.  We only need about 15 more of those and we’re in it.

9:41- You have to like Josh Beckett.  Guy gets drilled in the leg and tells the trainer to have a seat.  Poor Cano.  Bad break.

9:43- Bernie Williams with the inglorious hat-trick.  Does he know this isn’t hockey?  Bernie just because you struck out 3 times doesn’t mean you get to throw you helmet.  Have a nice shower. 

9:44- I never would have thought Beckett would have made it through 7.  Nice outing.

9:46- Here come the scrubs.  Oh snap, tonight is Tuesday.  Did I DVR "Scrubs?"  Shoot.  I hope so.  It’s funny.

9:48- The YES announcers just made a good call.  Is Bernie Williams the next Delmon Young?  That helmet did come awfully close.  To be honest, I could live without Bernie for 50 games.  I’ve been saying it all year.

9:50- Trot just got plunked.  It was so not intentional.

9:53- Youklis is ugggggggly.  But the guy can get on base. 

9:58- Bubba just got plunked.  It was so intentional.  Just kidding.  Foulke just has no control. 

10:00- 2 on and no out.  Get out your rally caps.  I wish I had a monkey.

10:01- When did Wily Mo get a gold glove?

10:04- No runs.  I guess there is no such thing as a rally penguin.

10:07- Michael Kay just said the score was 8-3.  If only that were true.  It would still s**k but it wouldn’t be as bad.

10:08- On no.  It’s Tanyon.  This is the type of outing he’s best suited for.  Let him mop up.

10:12- Way to see Varitek run that out.  Did he walk to first?  Either way, a run scored.  Red Sox 12 Yankees 3

10:15- Another double for Lowell.  My fantasy team thanks you, again!  Ugh.  Red Sox 13 Yankees 3

10:16- The Yankees traded Wily Mo Pena for Drew Henson back in the day.  I did not know that.  I knew they traded Pena but didn’t know it was for Henson.  That worked out.

10:18- Tanyon continues to s**k.  Enjoy Columbus.  Red Sox 14 Yankees 3

10:23- Bonds is up…..

10:24– Bonds walked and I’m shocked.

10:26- 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th.  Just put us out of our misery already.

10:28- Cano pops out and we’re done.  Final Score: Red Sox 14 Yankees 3

Live Blog Wrap up: There wasn’t anything good about that game.  Poor pitching.  Poor defense.  No real offense.  The Red Sox did to the Yankees what the Yankees are supposed to do to other teams.  Get on base and score runsWith any luck, this series will play out like the opening series against the A’s, with the Red Sox taking over our role.  All the offense is used in game 1 and doesn’t show up the rest of the series.  The good thing is it’s only the beginning of May.  The Yankees are now 1 game back.  There’s a long way to go before the East is won.

I’m calling it a night.  This was fun.  It would have been more fun if it were a better game.  It’s never fun when you get your butt kicked.  For those of you that checked out the live blog, I hope you enjoyed it.  Next time, I’ll bring us home a W.  Thanks for hanging out.




  1. kevpau@gmail.com

    Have the advertisments been wiped off for MLB TV? They used to have ads last year between innings!!

  2. Gabriel

    Yah – They now just put up “slide” type ads for MLBlogs and MLB.com.

    The resolution was far better last year for sure.



  3. Arielle

    “Randy, Godzilla saved your hide. Nice catch. But if that got by him…”

    I wish, J, I really do wish.

    Let it be known that I’ve heard the Boston ***** chant three times so far tonight. For all those who think it doesnt exist . . . first hand proof.



  4. Jason

    Josh Towers has gotten absolutely shelled in every game he’s pitched this year. I thought it’d be fun to see how his day developed. It didn’t end well.

  5. Arielle

    I saw his last outing in person. 5 run first inning. He didn’t do so well in that one either. The luck continues. Great play by Mikey.
    This ump really *****, on both sides. I thought for a second he might call the wicked high pitch by Beckett a strike.

    And I just noticed that there are a whole lot more consistent Yankee bloggers than Red Sox bloggers. Yours is getting more comments than Cyn’s. Not cool.



  6. brettcaplette@yahoo.com

    My boss is a mets fan with the exception of myself and 3 others everyone else is a red sox fan

  7. brettcaplette@yahoo.com

    I think the only thing Tanyon is good for anymore is taking on three red sox in a brawl. You have to love him for that though.

  8. Jason

    I’m not even sure there was a redeeming quality in this game. Let’s hope the Sox spent all their runs in this game.

  9. mlblogosphere@yahoo.com

    8:31 was my favorite (I left my favorite on Cyn’s, too!). This was a lot of fun and you guys are great examples for players on punctuality and being all business at the first pitch, pretty amazing stuff. Gotta work on that AFLAC trivia stuff! lol



  10. Arielle

    No, you didn’t scare me off J. It seems your blog REALLY didn’t want me screwing up the Yankees luck (so much for that) and would not let me post here. Every other blog it let me post but not here.
    😦 Oh well.

    As much fun as it is blowing out the Yankees, let’s save those games for once every blue moon. Give me a nail-biter tonight (and a Red Sox win!)

    – “The totally NOT scared away”A

    By the way, can you liveblog again tonight for the sake of luck?

  11. Jason

    This was a lot of fun. I’m glad everyone stopped by and enjoyed. I think it’s a good way to “watch” a game.

    A- I don’t think I could pull that off 2 nights in a row. I may be ready to throw again on 3 days rest.


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