The Reason?

I keep having these random thoughts about the Yankees and where they’ve gone wrong.  This thought is totally off the map.  And while I know it’s not possible, it’s just odd.  It parallels along the lines of "The Curse of the Bambino."  If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know sometimes I buy into jinxes and things of that nature.

The Yankees have never won a World Series championship with my all-time favorite Yankee as part of their organization, and I’m talking about Donnie Baseball.  Think about it for a second.  Don Mattingly’s last season in Pinstripes was 1995.  The next season, the Yankees win it all in and go on to have similar successes through the 2000 campaign.  Since Mattingly became hitting coach in 2004, the year of the "collapse," the Yankees have failed to make it to the World Series.  In Mattingly’s 8 year absence from the Yankees, they went to the World Series 6 times.  added on 10/9: To further this, I failed to realize that prior to Mattingly joinging the Yankees in 1982, they did make it the ’81 series, losing to the Dodgers.  Thanks to a comment left over at Pinstripe Pride for helping me to add to the theory.  I missed that. 

Could Mattingly, arguably the most popular Yankee ever, be cursed?  I shudder to think.





    Someone on the radio this Tuesday morning suggested (?) that Donnie might be cursed. I forgot might have been Artie Lange from Howard’s show. My first time commenting here…saw your thoughts over at Jonathon’s…if you’d like to check out my blog, I’d be honored. I know everyone from your “other side Sox” links. Here’s my link, and you have a nice place here. If you want to exchange links,yes, even in this off season for both of us, it would be great. Peter….take care. That’s me..Peter

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