Cheap Yankees Merch

I hate to be a shill for websites or products but this is actually a deal that’s worth checking out if you’re a Yankees fan or a fan of any team really.  I’m not even getting any kind of compensation for mentioning it.  Hand to God.  And believe me I don’t really like beinga  product shill.  I’ve gotten many of requests to advertise on the blog and I don’t really want to have a blog for those reasons.  I blog for my own enjoyment, not to try and make money.

They’re having a huge sale over at the A&E Store called the "Black Friday Baseball Sale."  You can access the sale by clicking on the link above or by using the banner on the right side of the blog.  Most of their top selling baseball DVDs are being marked down up to 50%.  I had to order the Yankees Fall Classic DVD b/c it was only 40 bucks and I’ve yet to come across it for less.  I also ordered a Billy Martin DVD, a Babe Ruth DVD, and a DVD about baseball parks.  They also have the entire Yankeeography set for only 60 bucks, as well as many DVD sets for pretty much every MLB team!  I’d hop all the Yankeeographys but I already have a few of the editions.  To top it off it all ships for $1.  I think I spent just under 90 bucks total, which I thought was a pretty good deal.  Give it a look.  If you do click on the link, and want to see more items, search by the word "baseball" and you’ll see pretty much all they have to offer.  The sale I believe ends on 11/26.  I just thought I’d pass it along to any interested shoppers.  And again, I’m not getting anything by sending you there.

Make sure to check back tomorrow.  It should be a slow work day and I’m hoping to get in some blogging.

Peace, love and Pinstripes.



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    After the postseason ended last year I went over to A&E and bought the Yankee’s 1996-2001 DVD set. It’s a good deal.

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