Win A Yankeeography DVD Box Set

I still have 2 more box sets to give away.  This contest is suggested by the winner of the 1st contest, Dominick.  In short, I need you to tell me "how much you love the Yankees."  As Dominick suggested, "You can collect stories of the craziest things fans have done to publicly declare their love for the NY Yankees i.e. tattoos, painting their car in pinstripes, canceling a wedding to watch the playoffs, whatever. You can then sift through the stories and come up with and publish on this blog what you think is the best story and give the winner the DVDs."

I’m not looking for much.  It can be as simple as a few sentences.  The contest will close Saturday afternoon around 12pm EST.  The winner will be picked by my wife and her parents.  Don’t be shy.  In all likelihood, there won’t be many entries.  You can enter by e-mailing me the "story" and by leaving a comment that you entered.  My e-mail address is in the upper left part of this blog. 

Be warned, I may ask for proof.


PS- I pay for shipping so it’s only going to be sent within the continental US



  1. Rick

    I really want to win one of those Yankeeography boxed sets. I have NO shame.

    Here goes:

    I started rooting for the Bombers in 1968 when they were terrible also-rans, owned by CBS. I have watched or listened to more than 5,000+ Yankee games over that span. (They’ve played a little over 6500 games during that span.)

    My brother and I used to ride the bus to the Port Authority and then ride the subway from there to The Stadium. Sometimes 2-3 times a week during the summer. We would sit out in the bleachers, because the seats were only .35 cents back then.

    Some of my favorite memories of games are:

    I saw Catfish Hunter’s perfect game bid get broken up by 19 year-old Robin Yount at Shea Stadium (Yuck!) in 1975. Some dude in the upper deck poured beer on my oldest brother. He thought it was raining.

    I saw Ron Guidry go 13-0 in 1978 against the Cleveland Indians in the first game of a double-header. (We tried NEVER to miss double-headers). In the second game, Dennis Eckersly got drilled in the head by Freddy Kendall on a steal by Mickey Rivers. The ball careened about 60-70 feet into the air, as Rivers made it to third. Rivers also hit a 3-run homer that a fan grabbed away from the right-fielder. During the Eckersley delay, George Hendrick of the Indians came over and was talking to us. He was a nice guy.

    In the 8th inning, some drunk guy yelled out to Yankee left-fielder Carlos May, “Hey Carlos! Give me a ball and I’ll give you my autograph!” We all busted out laughing, including Carlos May.

    I caught a homer hit by Jamey Quirk of the Royals in 1981. No one else went after it in the upper deck, so I just walked over and picked it up. My brother and I used it for batting practice until I hit into someone’s back yard that had a big, vicious dog.

    I was present on July 4th, 1983 and watched Dave Righetti no-hit the Red Sox. I remember that he walked 4 in the game and struck out Wade Boggs on a half-swing to end the game. I still have the ticket stub. Chuck Mangioni played the National Anthem on his trumpet before the game.

    I name ALL of my pets after Yankee players, and always have. I wanted to name one of my children “Thurman”, but I had all daughters.

    I watch or listen to EVERY Yankee game during the season and as many Spring Training games as possible; a total of about 190 games or so.

    This is me groveling…

    Have a great day and a Merry Christmas!


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