Friendly Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that this blog is still active.  I’ve just moved the site.  If you happened across this blog and want to go the new site, click here or you can update your bookmarks/favorites by changing the link to



ps- if any of my fellow Yankee bloggers stop in here and want to exchange links with the new site, drop me an e-mail.  contact info is on the new site. 

pps- if anyone currently links to this blog and wouldn;t mind updating their links directing people tp the new one i’d appreciate that also.


The Definition Of Dominating

Want to see some amazing stats of how Chien-Ming Wang has utterly dominated the Red Sox hitters recently.  You’ll have to jump over to the new blog and check it out.  Click here.  The #s will amaze you.  Here’s a tease: .032